In Pursuit of Balance is a non-profit organization founded in 2011 to promote dialogue around the meaning of balance in California pinot noir and chardonnay. IPOB will conclude operations at the end of 2016. To read the press release regarding the closure, please click here.

Membership in IPOB was determined solely by the IPOB Tasting Committee’s annual blind tasting. The committee members were Jon Bonné, Christie Dufault, Wolfgang Weber, Ehren Jordan, Ian Becker and Rajat Parr (non-voting). The only information the committee received about the wines while tasting was the vintage and county of origin.

While we believe that the themes of IPOB can be relevant to any variety or region, IPOB focused on chardonnay and pinot noir from California. Therefore only California chardonnay and pinot noir were accepted for the blind tasting. Submissions were limited to two pinot noirs and two chardonnays per winery. Wineries were encouraged to submit a representative sample of what they would pour at an IPOB event. Wineries who joined IPOB were not required to show at IPOB events the same wines that they submitted to the committee. In other words, IPOB does not consider individual wines but rather wineries.

All IPOB member wineries must participate in our main events each year. Participation in additional IPOB events is optional. Member wineries must be represented at IPOB events by a principal, winemaker or assistant winemaker. Membership in IPOB is valid for two years; after two years, every winery must re-submit to the tasting committee to continue membership.

Membership & Event Fees
Membership and event fees are due annually. IPOB is a non-profit organization. Fees cover the operational costs of the organization and event production. The founders and directors of IPOB do not receive compensation from IPOB.